5 Essential Tips How to Buy Authentic Gold Jewellery

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Posted By Spectro Analytical Labs Limited on 28-12-18
5 Essential Tips How to Buy Authentic Gold Jewellery

Are you a shopaholic who loves buying gold? Remember these 5 essential tips to buy authentic gold jewellery

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Gold is one of the most important commodity in Indian household and share market. People invest a huge amount of money in gold jewellery. No Indian wedding is complete without gold jewellery since it is essential to perfect a bride’s look. But there have been instances where people fell victim to fraud related to gold. This could have happened due to their ignorance and lack of knowledge about buying authentic gold jewellery.

If you too don’t want to be a victim of such fraud, here are 5 important things you should look for every time you step into a jeweller’s shop to buy  gold:.

 Check for BIS Hallmark

1. Check for BIS Hallmark
It’s always fun to buy new gold jewellery but you must take essential steps to verify that your gold jewellery is genuine. Each and every piece of gold jewellery made by a jeweller should be submitted to a hallmarking agency so they can evaluate the quality of the metal compared to the national and international standards of purity. Jewellery testing labs or hallmark agency run a series of tests before they can issue the BIS certification to the piece of jewellery. It is not necessary that a piece of jewellery should be of 22-carat gold to have a BIS mark. There are certain level of certifications defined by BIS hallmark agency. Gold ornaments that do not bear a BIS hallmark are relatively sold at much cheaper rates. Due to lower prices, some people fall for the hoax and end up buying a lowest grade jewellery or maybe something that is not even gold. There have also been cases where jewellery manufacturers have misused the hallmarking system. This is why it is necessary for manufacturers to get a certification from leading NABL accredited labs apart from a hallmarking agency to avoid being blacklisted by BIS inspectors.

2. The Logo of The Hallmarking Centre

Apart from checking the BIS hallmark and purity number, the other thing you should look for is the logo of the hallmarking centre that has certified that piece of gold jewellery. The logo is embossed right next to BIS hallmark. There are 350 BIS approved hallmarking agencies that are listed on BIS website for gold jewelry testing. In case there is any discrepancy, you can simply trace back to the concerned hallmarking agency and take due actions. Therefore, you should always shop gold jewellery from the showrooms that sell BIS hallmarked jewellery.

3. Carats Tell About the Purity

Another thing you should keep in mind while buying gold is its purity grade which means you should thoroughly check the purity of this yellow metal before bringing it home. The purity of gold is measured in two ways: Karat (denoted as KT) and fineness number. This number is mentioned right beside the BIS hallmark. Most jewellers who have been in this industry for long have purity machines installed in their stores for proper evaluation of gold and purity check. A jewellery testing laboratory also runs a series of tests to check the purity of metal used in the piece of jewellery. While 24 carat is the purest form of gold, 8 carat is the least pure form of gold. The purity decreases as the carat decreases.

4. The Year in Which the Gold Jewellery Was Hallmarked

Another thing you should check while buying gold jewellery is the year it was hallmarked in. The year is usually marked in the form of an alphabet. The series begin from 2000 which means a while N means 2011, P means 2012 and henceforth. These alphabets are also defined by BIS.

5. Jeweller’s Guarantee

Apart from all the above mentioned things, the jewellery should also have the signs and symbols of the manufacturer embossed on it. Even when you are buying a coin, they should come in tamper proof packing with finesse mentioned on the coin. NABL accredited labs check for authenticity in jewellery products and certify jewelry manufacturers.

Spectro Analytical Labs is a NABL lab in Delhi that conducts chemical testing on artificial and metal jewellery apart from providing an array of analytics and calibration tests. They run jewelry tests to check for an toxic or hazardous chemicals used in the making of jewellery. Having a basic understanding of metal testing and its grade will help you while you go shopping for gold.

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