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Posted By My Memory Maker on 16-03-21
Choosing a perfect photographer for your wedding

Congratulations ! Your wedding day is now coming up and everything is planned. You have booked the venue, catering, car and all those things which makes your wedding the most memorable, and in that list one of the most important thing is to book a professional photographer. Because its his responsibility for capturing those beautiful moments, which you will look back and cherish for rest of your life. But when it comes to choosing the best photographer for a wedding is a challenge.

How can you be sure that you have found the best?.

Check their portfolio

There is a saying “ beauty is in the eye of beholder”. The portfolio photography of most wedding photographers may seem pleasing. But you should make sure that you love his work, which resonates with your style and creativity and you would want something like what you see in his portfolio. Making sure he is capable of the vision or theme that you have in mind and could deliver the output that you are looking for.


Wedding photographers should be flexible with their timetable and time slots for the day. Make sure that they can be around for photo shoots for post and pre wedding events if required. As professional photographers are experienced he or she will know that things may not go as planned and the photographer might need to stay back for a bit longer.

Photographer’s persona

Your wedding is your day to remember the good time and fun your had. People relate differently to different type of personality. Choose a wedding photographer who is friendly ,who can make you smile, The one who can sense the mood of the guests and allow things to flow naturally and with a sense of joy for the occasion. Which will not only make photographs look more relaxed,But also helps you in candid photography for the wedding.Try having a pre-wedding photo shoot , this will help you to getting along with your photographer and more importantly him to know you and how you feel in front of the camera. As you will spend more time with the photographer than with any one else on the day of your wedding, so make sure you can get on well with him or her.

Get Estimates

Most wedding photographers would suggest you go with one of their wedding photography package , allowing you to select a deal that will best suit your budget. Compare these packages with other photographers to find your best option for your wedding. Not only the price but also consider all other factors, including quality of their work, reviews by previous clients, flexibility and personality. Don't just go for the cheapest one or the cheerful option either; you are paying for talent and ability.Cause only amateur would settle for a low price giving out the mediocre output. So preferring “Quality over quantity” is highly recommend.

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