Get direct airport picks and drop-ins with Bhubaneswar sanitized taxi

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Posted By Mishra Tour and Travels Odisha on 30-05-22
Get direct airport picks and drop-ins with Bhubaneswar sanitized taxi

The spectacular and enchanting destination of Odisha allures scores of tourists each year, wherein the temple city of Bhubaneswar functions as the foremost gateway to enter this mesmerizing East Coast State of India. Holidaymakers will certainly get bedazzled by the stunning architectural splendor of the odd ageless 500 temples in Bhubaneswar that date back to the 6th century AD.

Besides, other exhilarating stopovers comprise pristine shorelines and panoramic landscapes throughout the length and breadth of Odisha. Nevertheless, with so many vacations and tour packages catered by the esteem travel operator of Mishra Tours and Travels, it is a judicious decision to chalk out the itinerary before arriving at the temple city. In this context, it is smart to book a Bhubaneswar sanitized taxi at reasonable rates right at the gates of the temple city.

What Prime Upsides Can Be Gained By The Taxi Service Of Mishra Tours And Travels?

Completely Sterilized and Safer Taxis

Keeping adherence to the Covid-19 norms, Mishra Tours and Travels comes with a completely decontaminated fleet of budget and luxury taxis that are regularly sanitized with government-approved disinfectant sprays at least twice a day. Besides, the drivers are also directed to sterilize the cars just before the arrival, and after the departure of the clients booking such rental cars. Again, the cabbies are provided with individual sanitizer spray bottles for instant sterilization of the vehicles, when requested by the clientele. Thus, such decontaminated cars bring in a highly safer journey for the vacationers, rendering them the assurance of coming back as returning customers.

Swifter Travel Time with Gracious Chauffeurs

Besides, Mishra Tours and Travels steadfastly presents an elite group of professionally licensed, fully-trained, and refined cabmen, who treat the tourists with sufficient decorum. Clients are safely and promptly picked up and dropped in at their chosen destination in the shortest possible time. The drivers are highly adept and have extensive knowledge of the temple city, and also other popular and off-beat stopovers in Odisha. There is no chance of getting mislaid between the sojourns, as even if the trippers are not fully aware of their destined location, just reminding the names is enough for the cabbies to drive to the appropriate location. Such hassle-free journeys are dedicatedly supported by state-of-the-art technologies of GPS navigation and automatic transmission.

Nonstop Cab Rentals with Free Breakdown Coverage

Moreover, by booking such decontaminated rental taxi service, the tourists can rest assured of obtaining round-the-clock accessibility. The customers only need to dial the booking service number of Mishra Tours and Travels, after selecting their choicest budget cars or luxury hatchbacks or sedans, wherein they are promptly sent such rental cabs right to the temple city airport or railway station. In this context, travelers can choose their intended rental cars from a diverse range of cars such as Maruti Dzire, Hyundai Accent, Toyota Fortuner, and Etios, along with Chevrolet, Tata, Mahindra, and Honda.

Such cars come with the latest technology of GPS, automatic transmission modes, AC, and music systems. Customers can rest assured of obtaining reliable cars with nearly zero engine malfunctions, as they come with free breakdown cover, ensuring the engine parts are in dependable condition during the journey. Thus, it guarantees that the vacationers will not require shelling out extra expenses during their sojourns, due to negligible engine breakdowns. Hence, there are no unnecessary travel delays during the journey, keeping the tourists highly gratified with such a rental taxi service.

Final Verdict

Reckoning with the matchless commitment and customer service catered by Mishra Tours and Travels by their budget and luxury fleet of Bhubaneswar sanitized taxi, it is highly advocated for the clients to book such affordable and comfortable car service right at the airport gates of the temple city.


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