Is Left Hand Pain Accompanied by Chest Pain, the First Hint of Heart Attack?

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Posted By Welfarelabs - Book Home Visit for Blood Test Online on 03-11-17
Is Left Hand Pain Accompanied by Chest Pain, the First Hint of Heart Attack?

Almost everyone believes that the pain in the left arm is a majorly common sign of a heart attack or some other as serious heart problem. Therefore a new pain in the left arm should never be neglected. But it can be tricky to determine if the left hand ache is related to the heart. So, in this article, we discuss how one can distinguish between cardiac arm pain and noncardiac arm pain.

Accompanying chest pain or discomfort

Even though not a constant presence, chest pain or discomfort in the chest in the form of heaviness or pressure can be a common symptom of a heart attack. Therefore, the occurrence of left hand pain alongside a pain in the chest is considered a significant indication of severe heart problem. In a combination, both left hand pain and discomfort in the chest can indicate a medical emergency, which requires immediate medical evaluation.


However, the symptoms can’t necessarily be called “diagnostic” of a heart-related chest discomfort or arm ache. But the pain shouldn’t be ignored either, Most heart problem induced chest or arm pain will be radiating into the shoulder or down the arm. The pain might also radiate through the back or right arm or to the jaw or neck.

Other often ignored symptoms to look out for

A heart attack is often subtle and vague unlike its portrayal on the silver screen. However, the existence of multiple symptoms in combination to left arm discomfort can increase the likelihood of heart-related pain. Signs and symptoms which raise the risk of left arm pain associated with an attack or another as serious heart complication, which you need to look out for are:

●     Shortness of breath

●     Profuse sweating

●     Clammy skin

●     Nausea

●     Vomiting or indigestion

●     Lightheadedness or loss of consciousness

●     Irregular heartbeat

Lack of tenderness or relationship to movement

Pain associate to a heart-related complication will generally occur suddenly, but will stay constant, and is not at all tender when touched. So, the left arm pain can often be brought on by moving the arm in a certain way won’t be linked to heart issues.


Additionally, when you put pressure on the arm and it seems tender it pinpoints toward a musculoskeletal issue rather than a heart-related reason. Often musculoskeletal injuries and disorders are the primary causes of arm pain. These conditions lead to tenderness and are worsened by certain movements of the arm.

Duration of pain

By now it must be clear to you that left hand pain will generally develop all of a sudden, persistent pain in the hand is usually not because of a heart issue. Conditions like rotator cuff tendinitis and shoulder or elbow arthritis and bursitis typically will be long standing for a few months or years even. Gradually the pain caused by those conditions will lower your joint mobility and increase the pain. So, prolonged hand pain is likely to be due to musculoskeletal issues than a heart issue.


Also, it's worth noting that heart-related pain will be relatively constant once it commences, short bursts of fierce hand ache piercing through your muscles is mostly non-cardiac-- mainly when triggered by movement ofthe arm or neck.

Red flags and measures

If your left hand pain keeps worsening after some activity and improves when you rest it requires prompt medical help, As that is surely a sign of a severe heart complication. Left hand pain brought on suddenly while doing sedentary things like watching television can also indicate heart unstability. Lastly, left arm pain accompanied by a slew of symptoms like chest discomfort, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, breathing issues, excess sweating, wheezing, and the like, requires medical action.

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