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Posted By Arham Petrochem Private Limited on 24-03-22


Arham Petrochem is a leading manufacturer of heavy aromatic solvents. We supply aromatic solvents like Solvent 100, C10 Solvent, C12 Solvent, and other heavier grades of solvent naphtha.

We produce aromatic solvents having higher flash points and slow evaporation rates as compared to Benzene, Toluene, and Xylene. These solvents are less carcinogenic in nature and give better flow and film formation. Aromatic Solvents are environment friendly because of the presence of less hazardous air pollutants and low Ethyl Benzene.

Arham manufactures highly refined solvent naphtha having aromatic purity of more than 99%that leaves low residue on evaporation and has excellent solvency. We export Heavy Aromatic Solvents globally and in India, having wide applications across the industries. We also offer low naphthalene/naphthalene depleted Aromatic Solvents as an environment-friendly solution.

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