8 Creative Ways to Use Glass Jars at Home

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Posted By Wooden Street - Furniture Store in Golf Course Road Gurgaon on 17-09-21
8 Creative Ways to Use Glass Jars at Home

Today, glass jars come in many shapes and sizes. They add style, practicality and elegance to the room and life. One can free a good amount of space with mini jars in the kitchen. Many of us use glass jars with lid to store a variety of food items. They help to keep the kitchen organized, create more space for cooking and uplift the room. Usually, you will find them in cabinets, shelves and a few on a dining table too. They not only preserve and protect the food from dust, mites but also add style to the place. They are the must-have containers to keep all kitchen ingredients, from spices to salts.

You may have a set of jars in your home, right! Do you use them only for storing ingredients? Do you believe they are only meant for storage purposes? Can you do something different with the jars? Well, you can use them creatively at home. Yes, you can use them as decorative items too. If the idea feels interesting to you, go ahead and continue reading the post. It will discuss some interesting ways of using them creatively. So, let’s check each one of them in the upcoming segment.

1. To keep cotton-

Cotton plays an important role when injured. They are also used for other religious purposes. Well, if you have a lot of cotton at home and looking for a container to store it then small glass jars can be the right ones to store them. You can buy cotton storage jars online and reserve one container to keep cotton balls. You can also use any existing one too. You can also keep swabs, toothbrushes and hair accessories in them.

2. Office accessories-

Today our home is turned into an office. You may use many office accessories for a day and struggle to keep them at the end of the day. The best solution is to store them in jars like you can keep paper clips, rubber bands, pens, pencils, paper clips and more in different containers. They will add style and well organizes the workplace. Also, offers enough space to work. You can also place small glass jars decorative in bookshelves or desk or a wall-mounted shelf for better access.

3. Loose currency-

Everyone likes to save some penny for the day. If there are coins in your jeans pocket or purpose, try keeping them in jars. You can fill a jar with coins in a month. Thus, use the penny collected for different purposes. You can keep the money jar in the bedroom or bathroom.

4. Woolen thread or ribbon-

Do you have woolen threads at home? Or did to buy extra ribbons for decoration or hairstyle? Yes, well you can keep them in glass containers and display them on the shelves. They will add colors to the place. Besides, you can create a hole in the lids at the center of the small glass containers for easy access of the thread. Thus, use it comfortably while weaving a sweater. You can also store colorful ribbons in them.

5. Use it as a vase-

Did you receive a lot of bouquets on your birthday? Why keep them anywhere when you can use them to decorate your sweet home? Arrange them beautifully in the jars if you lack vases. They will add freshness to the place and redefines the place. You can keep them on the dining table or coffee table or console table or kitchen rack. You can also use the idea for other seasons and days. 

6. Pet food-

Do you have a dog at home? So you can keep the pet’s food in the small pickle jars. Make sure you wash the pickle jar and it’s free from smell. Besides, the container you choose should feature a lid as it keeps the food in good condition for days.

7. Draw favorite character-

If the jars are lying empty in the kitchen then use them as a decorative piece. Draw your favorite character or design on it. Thus, place them on shelves or furniture surfaces.

8. Matchboxes –

Keep the match boxes in a clean and good looking container. You can easily access them and use them to light fire or candle. Plus, they are safe from children and pets.

These are some creative ways of using jars at home. They are functional, look stylish and easily accessible. Plus, they help to keep the accessories organized in the home. You can try a few of these ideas.

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