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Posted By Prem Henna Pvt. Ltd. on 30-12-19
Pure Henna Powder Benefits for Hair

Henna powder is one of the ingredients that has been in use for a lot of beauty reasons. From coloring hair to using it as decorating stuff from views points of hands and feet on various occasions, Mehandi (henna) has been one of the best hair care items available to mankind since time immemorial. Since ancient times, henna has been used by millions of people across the globe as hair colorant.

The brown or reddish brown or burgundy brown hair color is the final outcome of henna leaves powder. In market there is concept of black henna, which is a misleading concept as there is no natural henna which produces black color. Manufacturers add some black synthetic dye which generates black color.

It would be interesting to know the fact that henna has numerous other advantages, besides hair coloring. Apart from behaving as a hair colorant, henna is also good for addressing other hair problems. If applied on the hair, henna helps in strengthening the hair, nourishing the scalp & softening your locks. Henna is often applied to treat the most common hair problems like dry and frizzy tresses. It is also said that regular use of this natural colorant also keeps dandruff away from your scalp. Loss of hair as one ages or because of some other reasons; is among the most common hair problems. Greying of hair also affects people to a great extent. Here also henna plays a major role as it checks hair loss and covers grey hairs very beautifully.

Knowing all this, it is also important to understand how to use henna. You need to know the right way to apply henna. Generally henna leaves powder is kept in boiled tea liquor for soaking. It is often mixed with yogurt or curd for deep conditioning and coffee powder for hair coloring.

What is most important and interesting is that you can apply henna at home. Moreover you can customize the recipe based on your needs and type of hair problems, as it all depends on the components you need for treating hair problems. If you want to fight dandruff, just add some lemon juice in the henna powder and your henna hair pack is ready. Leave the henna for 30-45 minutes after application. You may add few drops of olive oil to make a natural hair conditioner for your precious hair.

Organic Henna Powder is absolutely free from synthetic chemicals like PPD, ammonia and hydrogen peroxide. Ammonia has been used since the first hair color formula was created, almost before a century. It is one of the most crucial, but not safe, chemical as it ensures deeper coating of color and thereby increasing stay of color on hair for a longer duration.

It means, if you are applying natural and pure henna powder then you are just not coloring, condition your hair or decorating your hands and feet, but also ensuring a safe henna experience for yourself.

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