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Posted By Swastik Holiday - Best Travel Agency in Mumbai on 17-08-22
Things to do in Kerala at honeymoon trip

Kerala is a great place to go on a honeymoon because of its foggy hill stations, picturesque backwaters, sunny beaches, and unusual fauna. It attracts thousands of couples from throughout the world each year.

Keep in mind that there is variety of things to do in kerala if you're travelling there for your honeymoon. However, a lot of the items on that list are things you could live without. On your honeymoon, the last thing you want to happen is to become stressed out from doing too much. So, try to learn what the finest things to do are rather than being inundated with options. You can have a wonderful honeymoon experience in this way. We're here to support you in doing just that.

Swastik Holiday Travel Agency compiled is a list of activities or things that you absolutely must do on your honeymoon holidays.

Experience pool villa stay

Pool villas are a common feature in Kerala resorts. Either within the villa or on the roomy private terrace, they have a stunning pool. You will remember the experience of sharing a glass of wine with your significant other in the privacy of your own pool forever. Additionally, if the pool is on the veranda, you will be able to take in some beautiful views while socialising with one another. A villa with a pool is a great investment.

Houseboat cruise
An unforgettable experience is a houseboat ride in the Alleppey or Kumarakom backwaters. Since the boat moves at a leisurely pace, you may unwind and enjoy the picturesque rural scenesfuring. Paddy fields, magnificent canoes, coconut palms, traditional homes and cottages, and active inhabitants will all be seen. Taking in all the surrounding natural beauty with your partner enhances the romance you already experience. The houseboat staff will even set up a candlelit dinner to enhance the honeymoon experience. A delightful experience in and of itself is waking up to the sight of the tranquil backwaters.

Ayurvedic spa treatments
The state of Kerala provides a wide range of ayurvedic spa treatments because it farms a wide variety of herbs. Many foreigners come to the country specifically to take advantage of these services. The effectiveness of these treatments is also influenced by the state's nice climate. It makes sense that Kerala is known as the "Land of Ayurveda." Spa visits promise the ideal balance of rejuvenation and romance.

The Varkala Beach provides a fantastic opportunity for snorkelling during your honeymoon Package to Kerala. It's a wonderful opportunity for honeymooners to dive into the ocean together and take in the beauty of rare aquatic life. Stunning coral reefs, colourful fish, lobsters, and jellyfish will all be seen in passing. The beach in Varkala provides honeymooners with precisely the appropriate amount of adventure that trip so requires. And there is no such thing as romance without adventure! Couples would even enjoy to merely stroll on the beach because it has an impressive cliff on one side and endless ocean on the other.

Boating in the lake
Couples can take a romantic boat ride in a lovely setting on the Kundala Lake in Munnar. Due to the surrounding green tea gardens, the lake's crystal-clear blue waters appear to be of the highest quality. The lake offers pedal boats and Shikkara boats for rent. Couples on their honeymoon cannot afford to miss out on the Kundala Lake boating adventure. The location is fantastic for photos as well because of the magnificent backdrop created by the lake and the massive structure.

Thekkady's Elephant Junction is a fantastic location for honeymooners to make elephant friends. The ride aboard the enormous monster is thrilling and regal. Additionally, you can take part in a variety of activities that involve elephants. You may give them food or a bath, for instance. In exchange, the elephants will bathe you. The encounter is a complete blast. Couples on their honeymoon adore this event because it allows them to connect on a more youthful level.

Shikkara boat
The innermost areas of Kerala's backwaters are where you'll find its soul and spirit. Therefore, honeymooners who take a canoe cruise can extensively explore the backwaters. If you take the ride either early in the morning or at dusk, it will be quite lovely. You will get a closer look at picturesque villages, unique wildlife, and traditional homes on your journey. A canoe journey is the finest since you can travel at any speed you desire. Traditional Shikkara boat must also be attempted during India Honeymoon Packages. For passionate couples, a Shikkara Cruise is excellent.

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