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Posted By Shreeji Tyre Shop on 20-07-21
Wheel Alignment and Balancing Cost

People often confuse Wheel alignment and wheel balancing, while both of them sound similar but they have entirely different functions and purposes. Car wheel alignment basically means changing the wheel angles in a way that they are parallel to each other and perpendicular to the surface below, a wheel alignment and balancing service is low cost and effective. This is generally done for maximum tyre life and so a car tracks straight when traveling down a straight and flat road. Shreeji Tyre Spot provides you expert advice and service at on Rs.450/-


On the other side, wheel balance helps the tyres and wheels to turn without any friction. This is done by testing for and compensating for any hard spots on the wheel-tire mix by putting a measured lead weight on the opposite side of the wheel from where the heavy spot is found. There are many wheel balance service providers in Ahmedabad and we at Shreeji Tyre Spot offer excellent wheel balancing at just Rs.550/-

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