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Biofeedback therapy has significant benefits, and the JOGO clinic at Adyar, Chennai, is using it to help patients regain their health. Biofeedback therapy improves the body's functions physiologically and alleviates pain. Isn't it interesting that JOGO improves health with its own body's signals? Neurofeedback therapy falls under the biofeedback technique to instruct the brain and rectify the body with one's own EEG brain signals. JOGO uses electrodes to send signals and then monitors the muscle activity in the form of a graph. You get your insurance plan, and Medicare covered with JOGO.


JOGO offers a wide range of healthcare services without surgery. Sounds simple and astonishing, right? Yes! You are in the right place. Walk-in to JOGO at Adyar, Chennai, to gain the best digital therapeutics for urinary incontinence, speech disabilities, and managing pain. We stay updated with technological advancements and use them for our treatments. Wearable wireless EMG sensor is one such awesome gadget in the healthcare service industry. We sync the wearable to our mobile application and track our patients' health condition, progress and improvements. Another interesting technology is VR, and AI improves muscles' coordination and treats chronic pain.

We have a team of expert pelvic therapists and SLPs to provide comprehensive treatments for urinary incontinence and speech disorders. JOGO offers flexibility to patients giving them the liberty to choose treatment methods and therapy timings. Online therapy sessions are recently helping many patients to get treated at a comfortable place and convenient time. Most importantly, our clinic facility maintains a clean facility, following stringent hygiene protocols. With COVID-19 safety regulations fulfilled, you can reach out to us without fear.


JOGO's incontinence treatments do not include invasive methods. We offer permanent solutions to people by changing their diet and lifestyle. At times digital therapies add to incontinence treatments to speed up or achieve better results. JOGO believes in holistic cure and ensures that patients do not spend their hard-earned money in hospital re-admissions for the same problem. Try following our treatment protocol and experience improvement in health within two weeks. Your healing journey is going to be a cakewalk if you choose JOGO. Being the leading digital therapeutic hospital, we stand out from other healthcare providers.


JOGO offers effective solutions to speech disorders with well-experienced and highly qualified speech-language pathologists. Our speech therapists are very compassionate and treat every patient with empathy. We offer therapies from kids to adults and resolve speech difficulties associated with brain trauma, stroke, autism, cerebral palsy, etc. JOGO never compromises quality, and we take care of our patients with utmost love and care. We are among the leading clinics in Chennai to offer numerous therapies without surgery and medication. JOGO is on par with clinically proven procedures and methodologies with US FDA approval. We collaborate with Harvard, and our healthcare services with rigorous research for the past decade have brought into action certain latest equipment.


We are creating more success stories with every passing day. We will feel happy to meet you and solve your every pain management issue. Walk-in or reach out to us through our website. Located in the heart of Chennai city, you can come to us anytime between our visiting hours. JOGO will connect with you and help restore your life. Offering the key to your dreams in a short duration, we recommend you contact us at the earliest. Early intervention can change the entire treatment schedule by bringing down the cost and intensity of the therapy. Knock on our door right away! Your cure is just one call away! We will be there as guiding lights along your entire healing journey. 

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