Masking Tape

26-04-22 12:07 PM

Masking tape is made of a thin and easy-to-tear paper, is lightly adhesive and can be smoothly applied and removed without leaving a mark from any surface and does not cause any damage. Masking tapes is also water and heat…

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Meatrick is a Bangalore based start-up supported by Babu Poultry. Meatrick aims to become a leading online platform for on-demand doorstep chicken deliveries across India. Fresh, scrumptious and tender pieces of skinless bone-in chicken from legs, wings and breast of…

Posted By: Chicken Curry Cut | Fresh Halal Meat Shop Online Bangalore Tags: chicken home delivery

White bird Spikes

09-10-21 11:03 AM

Bird problem is one of the major problems faced by architects, designers, and property owners these days. With huge investments in the buildings and architecture, there is a concern about maintaining them as well. Bird droppings can damage almost any…

Posted By: Pigeono Tags: white bird spikes, bird spikes, bird control products

White Feet Cool Roof Tiles

13-05-20 9:27 AM

Our white feet cool roof tiles are heat resistant tiles, when providing our tiles to your home roof. you can get feel like natural cool in the summer season. actually white tiles will not observe heat, it reflects the heat…

Posted By: White Feet Tile Industry Tags: cool roof tiles

Parason Head Box & CDT Open HeadBox With German Collaboration - Accujet High Turbulance Head Box - Pulp & Paper Machine A gravity head of the stock is used to give correct discharge velocity. In other words it is adjusted…

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Aquatech tanks is one of the best manufacturers of rotomolded overhead water storage tanks in India. We sell high quality double layered and triple layered overhead water tanks in black, white, yellow and blue gradients at…

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Are you looking for a top Best explainer video production company in delhi,India |explainer filmmakers? We create highly converting 2D animations and whiteboard explainer videos that people will love, we know just how to tell it so they listen.…

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Buy Natural, Chemical Free, Hygienic Hair Care Products Online at 1. Vernal No Dandruff Distress Shampoo 110ML VERNAL Distressed with Dandruff like forever? Try…

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25-09-18 11:58 AM

We present you our exclusive corporate collection of brass items. Brass often has a bright gold appearance, however, it can also be reddish-gold or silvery-white. A higher percentage of copper yields a rosy tone. We make sure that we present…

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